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Compelling, Clever, Authentic: like your favorite professor

Meet Rob

Before becoming a voiceover artist, I was a lawyer for about 20 years—not a stodgy, cutthroat lawyer, but a passionate, public interest lawyer, helping people primarily in the areas of consumer rights and environmental matters. I bring that intellectual, compassionate, and professional background into my voiceover performance. It also helps that I have a longtime love of acting, which I’ve renewed and amplified with professional voiceover training, including intensive, personalized coaching.

What I most enjoy about being a voice actor is communicating information and ideas clearly to listeners, keeping them engaged and interested. I have an easy-to-listen-to, baritone, non-regional American, middle-aged male voice that is authoritative, knowledgeable, and trustworthy; yet also approachable, unassuming, and personable. I can explain complex material easily, without sounding stuffy. But I also love to have fun with amusing or wry scripts that entertain and inform at the same time.

I value integrity in both myself and others. I’m detail-oriented, thorough, and diligent, and I care about the quality of my work. That means I care about the quality of your project—about getting the details right, from the smallest to the most consequential, for every aspect of a project.

My education and professional background helped prepare me as a voiceover talent to handle detailed, technical subjects—including legal, regulatory, scientific, medical, and financial matters. In my legal career, I first dealt mostly with environmental legal issues for a Native American tribe, and then primarily helped people in consumer rights cases at a statewide legal aid organization. My work frequently required me to immerse myself in unfamiliar technical topics like hazardous waste cleanup, water quality sampling, automobile engines, loan and credit card agreements, and environmental and consumer laws. So I’m comfortable getting into the weeds and familiarizing myself with complex subjects and terminology, as well as explaining them vocally in a way that’s easy for others to follow.

When I’m not in my recording booth at my home in Las Cruces, New Mexico, I’m kept company by my sweet dog, Galadriel.